Our internal team and advisors is composed of experts across all facets of private lending. From real estate sales, residential and commercial development, lending, banking, risk mitigation, valuation, accounting and investing, Carlyle Capital’s resources are nearly limitless. Contact our office to discuss how we can help!


Andrew Abas

Managing partner & fund manager

Mr. Abas has over fifteen years’ experience in risk mitigation, investing, and real estate.  He received his education in Business Economics at the prestigious University of California Los Angeles and began his professional career working with large Wealth Management firms Citigroup and Fidelity Investments.  His unique background and expertise bring a strong analytical viewpoint to the team with his goal of helping good people make a reasonable rate of return, while protecting the downside potential that any investment intrinsically has via quality real estate investments.  Mr. Abas’ ability to identify and allocate capital to projects backed by solid, experienced borrowers in markets that have resiliency is what provides our investors the stability they seek.


Mark Atalla

Managing Partner

With over eighteen years of experience in the private lending space, Mr. Atalla prides himself in finding unique strategies that have given him a reputation for underwriting and understanding even the most complex of transactions.  While attending California State University Fullerton, he began his financial career at Newport Lending Group and worked his way into the mortgage industry from a young age of just 19.  With success in lending that exceeded his peers that were much more tenured, this gave him the confidence to start his own company at a young age of 23.  Carlyle Capital has grown into a top Southern California private lending firm that has funded numerous unique projects across the country.  Mr. Atalla manages a large book of affluent clients, brokers and investors that turn to Carlyle Capital first for their lending needs.




Account Executive

Maz graduated form Long Beach State in 2001 with a degree is Psychology and a Masters in Sports Psychology. He spent time working in the sports industry before moving to the financial industry in 2003. His experience includes mortgage loans and wealth management, with a primary focus on insurance and retirement planning. He has been training and managing analysts in the industry since 2014 and brings a diverse knowledge to the Carlyle team.



Account Executive

Bryant is a Southern California native and a dedicated Cal State Fullerton student pursuing his degree in Business Administration. He brings years of experience in sales and credit consolidation with him to his current role of analyst here at Carlyle Capital. He enjoys being in a team environment and learning first hand while he receives his education.



executive assistant

Janelle has previously worked in the mortgage industry as an Account Manager and Executive Assistant. Since working alongside decision makers for multiple years as an Executive Assistant, she now brings her knowledge and experience into her role in the private lending industry. Her strategic and creative problem solving skills bring assistance to private money customers by converting complex transactions into successful solutions.



Marketing Director

A proud UCLA Alumni and Southern California native, Courtney brings along with her over 10 years of public relations, digital marketing and social media experience to the Carlyle Capital team. With past roles in the lifestyle and consumer spaces, Courtney enjoys expanding and reaching Carlyle Capital’s unique audiences in creative and savvy ways for the digital age.